Is it a Time Share?

No. AAC Dinner Plain is a Co-Operative and when you become a share holding member of the lodge – you are an owner! There is no limit to the time you spend at the lodge – in fact you can holiday there all the year if you want to.

How far is it from Mt Hotham?

Dinner Plain is 10 kms from the Mt Hotham village, on the Omeo side. In winter months Dinner Plain is usually well covered with snow, providing fabulous cross country skiing and beginner downhill skiing. It takes about 15 minutes on the shuttle bus to travel to Mt Hotham to ski. In 2014 the bus costs approximately $15.00 per day, $10.00 for a child aged under 16 years.

In summer it takes less than 10 minutes to drive up to Mt Hotham.

Are guests allowed?

Yes. You may bring 3 guests at any one time to Dinner Plain Lodge. Guests must be accompanied by a member and members are responsible for their guests at all times. Guests do not have the same booking priorities as members (see more of this under booking procedure in the Booking Information sheet). If you wish to totally book the lodge for your party out of the ski season, this can be arranged by application to the Board.

What about the other lodges in the AAC Group?

The following lodges make up the AAC Group:

  • Dinner Plain Lodge (Vic)
  • Anton Huette Mt Hotham (Vic)
  • Falls Creek Huette (Vic)
  • Niseko Club (Japan)
  • Perisher Huette (NSW)
  • Collegians Club Mt Buller (Vic) Booking privileges only.
  • Southern Alps Club (NSW) Lodges at Thredbo, Perisher and Charlotte's Pass. Booking privileges only.

What are the rules for staying at other lodges?

When you join the AAC, you join a particular club (one of the first 5 listed above). That means you are a member of that club (in this case Dinner Plain) and a reciprocal member of the other 4 clubs.

When you join AAC Dinner Plain and pay your subscription for the year, you will
receive a booking information sheet. This explains in detail the cost for booking at each lodge, and any particular requirements for that lodge, and how to book.

You are allowed two guests only at all other clubs (unless there are special circumstances and the Board of that Club gives permission to change the rules). You have first priority booking rights at your own club (Dinner Plain), second priority (or reciprocal) booking rights at all other AAC clubs, third priority is for a spouse or children of a member at their own lodge, and other guests have fourth priority booking rights at all clubs. Members pay member rates at their own club, reciprocal rates at other clubs (usually about 20% more than member rates) and guests pay about two and a half the member rate. Two children under sixteen sleeping in their parent's room pay only half
parent rate at Dinner Plain.

At Dinner Plain only, during the Winter Peak and Off-Peak season, a 2 course dinner is provided on 6 nights of the week. These meals are cooked and served for you by the Managers and the cost is included in the tariff.


In previous years the Club has run Children's Weeks with a nanny provided, also a Ski Clinic Week. These can be started up again if members are interested. Also cross country events can be organised.

Is the lodge just for winter sports?

No way! Dinner Plain is a wonderful resort all year round. Every season offers different activities and the village takes on a different beauty with changing seasons. When there is no snow there is horse riding, fishing, bush walking, tennis, golf, cycling, etc. Excellent restaurants and the Onsen are open all year round.

Cost of Membership

At present the cost of a share is $5000. An administrative charge of $250 applies upon sale of the share. The share may be transferred to a family member at no cost. An Annual Subscription is payable in January each year. For 2014 the sub is $260.

Further Information

Further information, Application Forms and Annual Booking Information may obtained and downloaded by logging on to the Dinner Plain website.

Also, the above information is available from the Australian Alpine Club Website
Follow the links to Dinner Plain, then to Membership